Sy An-Ge Mairi

Sy An-Ge Mairi

I´m Sy An-Ge Mairi.
I was borned in Blumenau/SC/Brasil. These days I live in Florianópolis/SC/Brasil.
In my life arts were always present. I started with classical piano lessons. Then I went to Classic Ballet, American tap dance, tango and belly dancing. I also had some singing and popular guitar lessons. I´m always turning myself back to the arts.
In adolescence I found drama classes, the acting art. Soon I fell in love by the stage. Today I know I can´t live outside the performing arts.
Another passion is writing. I just love sitting in front of a computer and let stories take over me. From poetry and short stories to romances. Hemel Toe´s Secret is my first fiction. I wrote it in a short time, but the review, with the great help and collaboration of my sister, Cy-en Mairi, took us forever.
Nothing is by chance… The result is this delightful book, to which we cling.
We hope you too will all fall in love with Laura´s incredible story in “Hemel Toe´s Secret”.