Hemel Toe


Laura is special. She´s got a mission not revealed yet.
Her life seems perfect: boyfriend, college and Jenifer, her best friend.
Anabel´s death leads her to San Tobias. There she takes care of her dead aunt´s house.
The house is beautiful and the garden leads to a forest. Hemel Toe´s forest. A place everybody avoids because a mysterious legend.
Suddenly, people in which she trusted betrayal her. Now she wants revenge.
Taken by destructive thoughts she doesn´t realize what happens beyond or inside her.
Strange facts come up. Laura will have to dive into this new world. She will experience situations that will stir her deepest feelings.
In who to trust? Which way to go? How to see beyond when all you want is revenge? Her deceased dad ´s words echoes in her mind: do not listen about revenges.
But... Will Laura listen to his words?
What is dream? What is reality? While you sleep... Where do you go? Who do you see? What do you do?
If you could get into the dreams of others, would you change their destiny? Would you inflict pain on them?
Which secrets hides Hemel Toe´s forest?
Laura, run, run... I couldn´t really breathe and dark thought sprouted in my mind. They came to pick you up and you will pay for your choices. Why didn´t I see before what was this all about?