Hemel Toe


Laura, do not get blinded by power and revenge. It is all a big illusion. You don´t need to go through storm to triumph. It´s all a matter of choice. When you are requested, shall be strengthened. Do not be fooled... Resist!
Which book is this? How come didn´t I see it before? The title was interesting: Loyalty Pact to Penumbra. It seemed to be quite old. The pages were yeallowed.
[...] To Interact with someone, entering their dreams, in the center of the pentagram must be alight a candle. This candle can be used to […]
She would even keep thinking it all a big nonsense, except that she had just had a terrible nightmare, not so long ago.
... they met at the center of Hemel Toe´s forest – the so called dark forest. They scheduled at one in the morning.
- What is this?
- A tunic to use during the ritual. I also have mine. And this one is all yours.
Jenifer dressed her tunic anxiously.